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Main Library Catalogue Room: 4-hours-ticket and computers

Important Notice

  • You can reserve two time slots per day. The maximum number of reservations is currently eight per week.
  • Please cancel reservations that you no longer need.
  • Remember to check in before entering the reading areas.
  • Your ticket will be automatically cancelled after 90 minutes if you don't check in and take your seat.
  • Please check out if you want to leave earlier.

Advance booking for this location is already closed.

Where does the event happen? Universitätsring 1
1010 Wien

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Catalogue room 1

ZID PC Workstation

only members of the University of Vienna (students and staff) can log in to the ZID computers.

18 currently available


PC Workstation

for non-members of the University of Vienna who want to research and use the electronic resources.

4 currently available


Catalogue room 2

Seat catalogue room 2

32 currently available


Catalogue room 3

Seat catalogue room 3

12 currently available