Seat Reservations

Due to the hygiene and distancing regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, seats are currently only available in limited quantities at Vienna University Library. We therefore offer online seat reservations at selected locations in order to be able to ensure compliance with the university's COVID-19 regulations and to offer library users the certainty that they will be given a seat in the reading rooms.

Please note that a ticket for the seat reservation, a certificate for a PCR-test, vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 ("2,5G" Rule - antigen tests are not accepted) and wearing a face mask are required to use the reading areas. Wearing an FFP2-mask is mandatory.

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Biology Library - Group working space

A student books a room for their study group.

The breaks between the time slots serve as periods of ventilation (operating air conditioning). Even if you book two time slots in succession, please make a break and leave the room.

The person booking the room is responsible for the room.

Advance booking for this location is already closed.

Location: Djerassiplatz 1
1030 Vienna

Oct. 20th, 2021
Begin: 09:00
End: 12:30
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